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Heart vs. Brain – Feel vs. Logic

When making decisions, be honest, do you go with what you feel or what you think? For me personally, I always choose heart over brain, feeling over thinking. All the time. I can’t recommend it for everyone, especially not the faint hearted. I can’t promise happiness if you choose this path, but the pain also remains uncertain. When choosing logic however, happiness is much further off the path, but there is even less pain involved. Now if you read back over what I just wrote, it looks like there is no difference. Actually it even looks like that for me, even though I wrote the thing. But I swear, there is a whole other world of difference between those two explanations. I’m going to attempt to get into that, and you know me, the only way I can do that is by talking about my personal experiences. But, as always, I will do my best to write about it.

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Three Words, Eight Letters

***Warning: Personal post ahead*** 

Aha. I bet all of you were thinking “I love you” as the three words the title is referring to. Normally, I would say yes you’re correct, but in this case I’m talking about “I miss you.” To the millions of people reading my blog, think of the most special person in your life right now. Think of the one person that you love speaking to everyday, look forward to seeing every time and the one person that you almost can’t bear to live without. Under most circumstances, this person would be hailed as your best friend. Suppose this best friend of yours is of the opposite sex. When someone of the opposite sex is usually referred to as a best friend, one could easily come to the conclusion that this person has all the desired qualities and attributes you would hope to find someday in a mate. Now imagine how easy it would be to fall for someone whom you consider the closest person to you, one who embodies someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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Choices And Consequences

Hey, be honest. Do you ever think of the consequences of the choices that you make, if the choice you’re making involves you feeling happy? Think about it real hard, then tell me. I’m willing to bet my dashing looks, my endless charm and my bazillionaire fortune that the answer floating around in your head was a flat “no”. If you’re sitting there reading this and saying “Haha you’re wrong there Winchesterz, I actually said yes,” then you aren’t being very honest with me and yourself! When we’re faced with the pursuit of happiness, human nature simply dictates that we follow it; regardless of what our logical selves tell us. Nowadays though, I’m finding that not enough of the people I meet choose to take the risk and follow happiness; instead they only follow it a short distance, and when faced with the prospect of any future consequences, tend to drop it at the first sign of a possible issue. Imagine what the world would be like if no one fought for anything, if no one fought for their happiness. It will be a peaceful world, sure, but it will be extremely predictable and lacking in flair. Everyone would be walking down the straight path. No one would take risks, no one would step out of the norm and attempt to do something different. Everyone will just live life the way they know how. Routine. Does that sound appealing at all?

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Many things that you end up encountering in life will test the sheer force of your will. Whether it be in your career, love life, League of Legends games…your willpower will constantly be tried. It’s not easy, remaining cool, calm and collected. As much as we’d like to believe we’re as smooth, charming and nonchalant as Patrick Jane from The Mentalist, who, by the way, has become one of my most favourite characters EVER, deep down we’re just not as astute and composed when it comes to things that put us under extreme pressure. The easiest way to handle the pressure, would obviously be to buckle under it. This solution seems simplest, especially if you had managed to live a life relatively free of the stresses and the strains that comes with living, up to this point. This is the true test of one’s character.

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