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If you’ve ever been a child, you’ve made a wish. Whether it be upon a shooting star, a wishpuff (I don’t know what they’re actually called, I just call them wishpuffs…they’re the little plant / weed that you blow on and all the little things fly off of it), blowing out birthday candles, finding an eyelash and blowing on it or 11:11, you know for a fact that you’ve made a wish. Come to think of it, a lot of wish-making involves blowing on something. I wonder why that is, hm. Oh shush, you naughty bunch, I know exactly where your minds went. So back on topic, the one cardinal rule to follow in order for your wishes to come true is to never reveal the exact details of what you wished for to anybody. Whoever came up with this is extremely cunning; now the only person who will ever know if their wish came true is the person who made the wish. There can be no bystanders or witnesses to such an event, simply because the wish-maker has practically been sworn to secrecy. The real questions I have for you guys are: do you believe in wishes? Have you actually ever made one and stuck to one? How’s that worked out for you?

Do tell me, because I’m pretty sure I’ve rarely ever made wishes, and the one time I made a wish with all my heart, it came true. Miracle, right?

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Past, Present and Future

Have you guys seen “The Lovely Bones”? I actually saw the film before reading the book, mainly because everyone thought the film was not so great and raved about the book. This is basically the truth. I felt that the film itself dragged on a bit too long, and while it was visually stunning and immersive, it just didn’t pack as much punch or captivate me as much as the book did. The thing I liked about the film though, was that there was a bit of a redemptive factor at the end. The book didn’t have this, from memory. But then again, I read the book a very long time ago and I could just be misremembering and failing to recall certain details.

Anyway, this post is not supposed to be about “The Lovely Bones”, I just had to talk about it a little seeing as I’m borrowing a quote from there. It’s actually 1:48 AM at the time of me writing this, and as per usual I can’t sleep. I keep thinking about the future. Well, mostly my past too, and what I could’ve done differently and where I would be right now had I done certain things a particular way. It’s rough, thinking about this late in the night time. If you ever find yourself doing this, don’t pay attention to it. You are your own worst enemy at these hours.

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Three Words, Eight Letters

***Warning: Personal post ahead*** 

Aha. I bet all of you were thinking “I love you” as the three words the title is referring to. Normally, I would say yes you’re correct, but in this case I’m talking about “I miss you.” To the millions of people reading my blog, think of the most special person in your life right now. Think of the one person that you love speaking to everyday, look forward to seeing every time and the one person that you almost can’t bear to live without. Under most circumstances, this person would be hailed as your best friend. Suppose this best friend of yours is of the opposite sex. When someone of the opposite sex is usually referred to as a best friend, one could easily come to the conclusion that this person has all the desired qualities and attributes you would hope to find someday in a mate. Now imagine how easy it would be to fall for someone whom you consider the closest person to you, one who embodies someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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Hope is one of the most frightening things that exists in the universe. It can make a person happy as can be, but at the same time tear that very same person apart. Hope, mixed with other emotions, makes for a very potent concoction of feelings that can culminate in desperate, but sometimes necessary, behaviour. Some people deem having hope as naivety, but it takes all kinds to be able to see hope when all else fails, and takes even more to be able to act accordingly.  Not all who have hope deserve it, and not all who deserve it want it. But everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone, needs to have hope at some point in their lives, irrespective of who deserves or wants it.

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Valentine’s Day

“Where the hell is he…he promised me tonight he’ll be here,” Danielle said to herself as she walked along the snow-covered path. The night sky was a majestic midnight blue, its beauty accentuated by the fluttering, silvery specks of snow reflecting the lights emanating from the city. She shivered as she pulled her coat closer, the water and melted snow on the path seeping through her shoes, chilling her feet. She trudged along the frozen sidewalk, slowly making her way to the southern exit of the city where the bridges were located, walking along the path as she had many times before. However, this time, memories of when she first met him flashed through her mind…

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Guy stared at the rotating fan on the roof of his classroom. It was the usual, boring day at school and everything felt like routine. Guy was a loner, not because of his attitude, but because of his looks. He was very handsome, definitely an Adonis of his generation. He had a perfect, oval shaped face, followed with the most stunning pair of hazel eyes. His raven hair was long and wavy, and on this particular day, the sun shone on it, making it gleam like finely woven threads. A girl sitting behind him let out an audible sigh and looked dreamily at him. He was overly popular with the girls, but his naïve nature made him oblivious to this. The boys were very jealous of him however, and constantly gave him a rough time. Despite all this, Guy was a happy-go-lucky young man. He was very relaxed and carefree, and his laid-back attitude only increased his popularity with the women.

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About A Boy

He lay in his bed and stared up at the ceiling. The wind softly blew his long, straight raven hair across his face, almost as if caressing it. He rolled over and stared at his reflection in the mirror across the room; He was a good-looking young man, with a smooth triangular face and boyish features that exuded charm and cockiness. He had sincere brown eyes, which could pull anyone in with one practiced look. As he brushed his hair away from his face, he instinctively picked up an acoustic guitar, which lay on the floor of his room. He softly strummed it, as he often did when he wanted to clear his head. The guitar was his way of relaxing, an escape from the rest of the world. On this particular day though, there was only one thought that occupied his mind. The smooth brown hair…the soulful greens…the luscious lips…the boy shook his head and cleared his mind of such thoughts, not letting himself wander too much.

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