Dashing good looks, devilish charm, tons of money to throw around…Yeah, at least two of these three things describe me pretty well, I’ll let the reader decide which. But seriously, all jokes aside, I’m just your regular young man. If by regular you’re thinking cute, sharp-witted and funny, then you’ve got me. Okay, I’m seriously stopping on the “selling yourself” thing.

I like playing games, especially League of Legends, where I hope I can turn professional one day.  Right now, I’m looking for a full time job as an IT graduate. I also hang out at home with my lovely guitar, aptly named Taylor Swift, who will also be my wife one day. I enjoy the casual beers with the boys, dining and wining with the girls and everything else that comes with being a 22 year old in this day and age. I don’t actually know if anyone will read this, but hey, here’s to hoping right?