*I took this photo of a sunset!*

A lot of the time, years just go by without really anyone noticing. I guess this is why everyone always says ‘Wow, it’s December already!’ or the frequent ‘You son of a gun Winchesterz, you stole my year waiting for your next blog post!’**

It’s crazy how fast time flies, especially when you’ve already got a routine set out. Wake up in the morning, go to work, go to the gym, sleep, eat in between sometime, somewhere. I’m always encouraging people to break the routine, and to do things they haven’t done, or to simply just stop at the end of the day for a good half hour and just…be. I normally do this; I am lucky enough to live in a place where the sun sets at around 7:30 pm, lucky enough to work at a place literally a stone’s throw from the beach, so even if I finish work at 6, I still have enough time to enjoy the sun setting over the glorious Indian Ocean. I’m starting to see more and more people doing the same, and I can tell you right now, in that span of half hour to an hour of watching the sun set, everyone who is watching in that moment has never felt more serene in their entire life. It’s as if all the troubles in the world are gone, a weight’s off your shoulders, and it’s just you (and well I guess the others who are also in your vicinity). It’s important to have this moment, as with the way the world is going, everyone’s beginning to forget how to breathe.

Wow-wee, didn’t mean to get all zen on you guys like that, but what comes to mind, goes onto paper. Or well, web post. If you’d like, please, read on. If not, happy holidays, stay safe and I’ll be seeing you on the side of 2015!

** – Is a complete assumption.


So, this year has been nothing short of eventful for me. Coupled with new life experiences and having to grow up (yeah I know, who wants to do this, right?), this year will definitely be a memorable one. I’m not sure if I’ll be living up to my blog’s tagline with this post, but hey, I need to talk about my year with somebody!

I survived my first year of full-time, long hours, grinding work. Yay! Or it could be nay, really. It’s funny how when I was a kid, I wanted to be a teenager going to high school, then when I was a teenager going to high school, I wanted to be an even older teenager going to University. Then I got to University, and I was so sick of doing assignments that I said ‘I want to time to hurry its ass up, I want to be full time working. At least that way I’d be getting paid for my hard work, and I like money!’ What a stupid older-teenager I was.

Full-time work is well, full time. It’s hard work, although I’m sure if you love what you do, then you don’t really need to worry about anything because if you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Unfortunately, some of us are not so lucky. I love the field I work in, and I can even say I love my job, but damn it tests my patience most days. Anything that has ever worked in a field where you have to deal with clients and cater to their needs, can tell you that everyone is damn silly with their requests. It will begin to feel like their sole purpose here on earth is to measure your character by throwing as many curve-balls and ridiculous requests your way just to see how you would react.

I got sidetracked, I’m sorry! My point is that now, I am wishing that I can go back to being that stupid older-teenager, whose only responsibility is to work on 3000-word assignments and survive parties on the weekend to make it to your part-time job, where your responsibilities are also very minimal and you get paid for it.

But life has other plans for me, I can’t stay as that silly older-teenager forever!

The other big deal for adults is a ‘permanent relationship’. This is the big one for me. This is probably the one thing that made my 2014. As you may have read, the girl I was pining after, my best friend, has now become my girlfriend. We are very happy with each other! I have met all her family, and well, I hope they like me as much as I like them.

To be honest, I’ve never lasted this long in a relationship. And at times, I never thought I’d have been able to. But when you find the right person, as much as the movies make it seem cliche, it IS easy. I mean, a relationship is hard work, and because I’m not used to lasting this long in one, I get in trouble by saying some dumb stuff or forgetting to do some things. But she has patience enough to let me know, and that’s why she’s a keeper. She also lets me play games, but that’s for another story! 2015 will be our 2nd year anniversary, so drop me a comment if you have any ideas of where I should take her, or what I should get her. 🙂

My girlfriend is freaking busy, she always has things and events for us to go on EVERY weekend, so that is probably why my 2014 flew by without me realizing. But they were all good times, and I am very happy we got to share them.

So I guess my thinly veiled message in this post is: Try to find the one person you click with, because together your years will be spent on creating good memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. If you can’t find them, no need to fret; you have friends and family who are there for you, who you can create equally good memories with, also worthy of being cherished for a lifetime. If you don’t have either, and you’re reading this post, I will be your stand-in good memory maker! Hah. All in all, if you’re happy where you are, then live your life as you do. If you’re not, make a change. It’s hard, but trust me, the Universe has got your back.

So on the adult checklist, I’ve got:

Full-time job – check

Permanent, loving relationship – check

Bought a car – check (Yay I bought a car with my own money! … It’s pretty exciting, okay?)

Not laughing whenever someone says ‘doody’ or ‘peepee’ – fail

Yeah okay I never said I was perfect, I still have to work on some things.