If you’ve ever been a child, you’ve made a wish. Whether it be upon a shooting star, a wishpuff (I don’t know what they’re actually called, I just call them wishpuffs…they’re the little plant / weed that you blow on and all the little things fly off of it), blowing out birthday candles, finding an eyelash and blowing on it or 11:11, you know for a fact that you’ve made a wish. Come to think of it, a lot of wish-making involves blowing on something. I wonder why that is, hm. Oh shush, you naughty bunch, I know exactly where your minds went. So back on topic, the one cardinal rule to follow in order for your wishes to come true is to never reveal the exact details of what you wished for to anybody. Whoever came up with this is extremely cunning; now the only person who will ever know if their wish came true is the person who made the wish. There can be no bystanders or witnesses to such an event, simply because the wish-maker has practically been sworn to secrecy. The real questions I have for you guys are: do you believe in wishes? Have you actually ever made one and stuck to one? How’s that worked out for you?

Do tell me, because I’m pretty sure I’ve rarely ever made wishes, and the one time I made a wish with all my heart, it came true. Miracle, right?

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That was the first (and the last) time I touched the paragraph above.

I find it strange, almost as if it was a sign, that I ran into this draft 2 years later. To be honest, I have completely forgotten I wrote the above paragraph. To understand why it’s strange to me, first, if you’d permit me, I would have to recount the events of the past 2 years in order for you to get a glimpse into my psyche.

To begin, I wrote the above with a particular person and a particular scenario in mind. This person was my own, personal wish; to be in contact with her, to see her, to live my life with her in it again. If you take the time to read back over my blog posts from 2 years ago, you will be able to easily tell that this particular person would be the heart and soul of most of my posts, with the unrequited feelings and emotions swimming through my head forming the basis of all my writing, which includes the start of this post. A lot has happened since then, but this person remains my heart and soul. The difference is that this time around, I can call her mine. Yep, you read right. All my posts about being in contact with her, all my wishing…it all came to fruition. Never underestimate the power of putting positive thoughts out to the Universe. Wow, I’m rambling already and this is my first post in over 2 years.

I can’t sit here and tell you that I 100% knew this was going to happen, I can’t even sit here and tell you that it was easy to hope and to believe. It was difficult; definitely one of the hardest points of my life to date. But when I could, I hoped. I prayed. I put it out to the Universe. It sounds cliche, but I bettered myself. I started volunteering at a shelter. I started going to the gym. I got a full time job. I got a car. I was busy beyond belief, but I never stopped thinking about her. She was my first thought waking up, and my last thought before falling asleep. Hours became days, days became months, but I never stopped. After living my re-started life for a while, and happiness was but a glimpse away, I started getting a feeling. A feeling that I knew we were going to speak again. This feeling told me it was bound to happen, it just neglected to tell me when it was going to happen. Time was my only real enemy, and I was waiting impatiently for him to pass.

Long story short, after Time hauled ass, we made contact. We talked, we clicked as before, we went out, and now, we’re together happily.

Well, that was reflective and self-realizing. Most of you probably stopped reading, but for the ones that stayed, that’s my story. My personal experience on why you should never stop believing in your wishes. I guess my real advice is, if you are wishing for something, don’t sit on your butt and wait for it to happen. You have to work at yourself, and get yourself aligned to the Universe as much as possible. I may not believe in Fate or Destiny, but I do believe that there is a higher power out there, a force that is not, and probably never will be, completely understood by us. I also believe in choice; and if you create and follow the choices to get you where you need to be, nothing, not even that higher power, is going to stand in your way. In fact, you might even find that it may smile on you from time to time, reminding you never to give up, and to always believe.

Again, it may be cliche, but that phrase you always see at the gym will always stand true: “To get something you’ve never had, you have to do things you’ve never done.”

Can’t believe I just ended a post with that. Pretty sure that’s talking about six-pack abs and dieting.