To my faithful readers, I know you guys are out there, don’t be ashamed…Haha, I’m sorry for the wait. Everything’s been hectic at home and everywhere else I just haven’t really found the time to sit down and muster my feelings and write a nice blog post for all of you to read. At least, to the ones that enjoy reading sappy rambles about my never-ending drama  and my struggle to contain my feelings for my best friend, who I’m not talking to for the rest of my life. Apparently so. That’s a nice little nutshell. Anyway, it was my birthday around a week ago, and I told her not to message me a happy birthday, even though she wanted to. I was secretly waiting for a message, I’m not going to lie. It never came though. I wanted to message her so bad. I still do.

Anyway, I just wanted to pose you guys a question. A lot of people I talk to have differing opinions on this. Some say that love isn’t enough to carry relationships; you need everything else like money, harmony in your relationships with your lover’s family and continuously working on yourself and your lover’s partnership. A good amount of people though, argue that if you have immense love between you and your lover, everything else falls into place. There would be no need for these materialisms and other aspects, as love itself is able to carry the entire relationship on its back. Now with both of these opinions in mind, do you think that love itself is worth taking risks for? Is it worth putting yourself out there with the possible promise of pain or bliss?

In my personal opinion, this conundrum depends solely one the two people involved. They are the only defining variables present in this equation; their ability to move past issues and obstacles, as well as their faith and trust in each other. I know this sounds all cliche, but seriously, anybody who looks back in retrospect at any serious relationship they’ve had will know I’m speaking the absolute truth here. At the time of the relationship I’m sure we’re all thinking that we’re beyond all these things and that we will power through anything, but that is cold narcissism at work. We think that we can make the relationship work just by being better and working on ourselves, but in fact, we have to work on the relationship with the other person as well as work together to be better together. I don’t even know if that made sense, and I apologize if it didn’t but I don’t know how else to word it! Haha, I’m tired and eloquence is not a strong point when my mind is absolutely fatigued.

As you all have probably read, I am a master risk-taker. “Master” is going a bit over the top, but I do take a lot of unnecessary risks if I can see even a faint glimpse of happiness anywhere down the track. It’s not a good way to be if you are completely against pain, because being this way has left me completely vulnerable and hurt more times than I can remember. As of right now, I can’t tell you that it’s been worth it, but I can tell you that I’ve achieved happiness beyond my years at different points in time from taking some risks. So if you were asking if love is worth taking risks for, you know my response is going to be yes. As for the question if love can make everything work? I’m not entirely sure. I think if both people are open to the fact that love will make everything else fall into place, then it will. But if you have one person who feels different or even worse, against that simple idea, then it will take much more than just some feeling and emotion to convince the person everything will be alright by just being in love.

The hardest part of this entire equation though is determining if the person is worth the risk. Some people upon meeting them will just know, while others take a while to realize. Take me, for example. Upon first meeting with my best friend, we clicked. I’m going to be dead honest here and say that I don’t ‘click’ with people. Sure I click with different people, but not in the sense that her and I clicked. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. My point is, I knew very early on what an amazing person she is, and I knew that when it came down to the grind, I would take some (probably silly) risk regarding her. I’m not going into full detail about what happened cause I talk about it pretty much every post, all that’s need to be said right now is that I miss her very badly.

Anyway, continuing on about determining if someone is worth the risk. A normal, logical person would take one look at a person’s background, family, personality, attractiveness, sociability and other personal preferences to try and gather the necessary information as to whether or not their object of affection is a risk worth taking. Under most circumstances, I would agree with this. These are all the things that could make or break relationships. However, I pose you now a scenario. If you get along perfectly with someone, know you are great together and have amazing chemistry, but other aspects are hard-pressed, would you take the risk? I know, I know, you would have to know what these “hard-pressed aspects” are. But if somebody can make you think twice, make you laugh, make you smile and make you see a glimpse of a future with them, shouldn’t they deserve a shot? Are they not a risk worth taking?

Short answer is yeah, yeah they are.