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Hope is one of the most frightening things that exists in the universe. It can make a person happy as can be, but at the same time tear that very same person apart. Hope, mixed with other emotions, makes for a very potent concoction of feelings that can culminate in desperate, but sometimes necessary, behaviour. Some people deem having hope as naivety, but it takes all kinds to be able to see hope when all else fails, and takes even more to be able to act accordingly.  Not all who have hope deserve it, and not all who deserve it want it. But everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone, needs to have hope at some point in their lives, irrespective of who deserves or wants it.

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LoL – How to carry

Okay, I’m not going sit here and lie. I’ve been steadily losing the past week. I mean seriously, on Tuesday, I played at least about 12 games with Toorc Icefist and we won like twice. It’s horrible. I mean I’m going to ask a question that has plagued every single League of Legends gamer at some point. Why in the hell do the derpmasters always end up on MY team? How come the other team never gets any of these tool bags? I mean, I’m a good player. I’ll even go as far as saying my individual skill as a player is up with the best of them. However, I’m willing to concede that my ability to work in a team, as a team, is probably average at best. I’m guilty of not buying enough wards, I’m guilty of not pinging enough, I’m guilty of missing a few MIA calls, I’m guilty of dropping first blood in some cases and I’m guilty of not communicating with my team enough. My reason for that though, is because I seem to have this unwavering faith regarding the League of Legends community.

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Truth vs “Truth”

Most of you probably don’t need an explanation or clarification of some sort when reading the title of this post. Truth vs “Truth”. To those of you who are unsure of what I mean, you’re probably asking, “What is the difference?” It is very simple, my friend. There are truths that you want to hear, and there are truths that are simply too hard to accept. The problem is, neither is truer than the other. Both are just different variations of a fact that you can either choose to accept or reject. Sometimes the “truth” is much easier to accept than the truth, and vice-versa. Depending on what the people around you are like, you’re subject to both different kinds. Depending on what kind of person you are, you’re going to be leaning towards one way, never both.

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Many things that you end up encountering in life will test the sheer force of your will. Whether it be in your career, love life, League of Legends games…your willpower will constantly be tried. It’s not easy, remaining cool, calm and collected. As much as we’d like to believe we’re as smooth, charming and nonchalant as Patrick Jane from The Mentalist, who, by the way, has become one of my most favourite characters EVER, deep down we’re just not as astute and composed when it comes to things that put us under extreme pressure. The easiest way to handle the pressure, would obviously be to buckle under it. This solution seems simplest, especially if you had managed to live a life relatively free of the stresses and the strains that comes with living, up to this point. This is the true test of one’s character.

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LoL – The streak continues

I know exactly what you’re thinking. “Winchesterz, that quote you posted above has NOTHING to do with playing a game of League of Legends, you’re a madman, but a handsome scholar nonetheless.” Well, reader, I say thank you for the compliment, but I will have to proceed to break down your statement by spouting mind-numbing facts that will somehow relate that quote above to the game. I believe I’ve mentioned a few times already that League of Legends is a far deeper game than most people give it credit for. I’m even going to go as far as saying that with some games, I’m very confident it accurately depicts how people would react in a real life situation. I’m going to try to convince you of this fact, are you ready?

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What if?

Ah, the ultimate question in life. “What if?”

Many a sleepless night for me starts, and ends, with this very question.

Picture yourself laying in bed, all nice and comfortable under the covers. The pillow is cool against your head, there’s a soft breeze flowing in and you are in absolute bliss. You get comfortable; even more than you thought possible. All of a sudden, something sparks the fleeting emotions whirling around inside your head. These emotions become thoughts, these thoughts become feelings, and these feelings become your reality. You toss and you turn, trying to shake away all the possibilities inside your head, but it’s futile. Once this chain reaction starts, it’s over. These thoughts prey on your vulnerabilities like a virus, exploiting your insecurities and making you wonder, “What if?”. Say hello to the morning sun.

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LoL – Losing streak

Oh man. I don’t even know how to start this. League of Legends is one of those games where if you’re having a terrible day, don’t even THINK about hopping on to try your luck. This game will eat your soul and spit your remains out. The moment you play a game in which you’re not even close to being in a happy state of mind, your day or night will be straight up ruined. If you believe that playing a game of League of Legends will lift your spirits after a tough day, chances are you’re very wrong and you will end up feeling even more depressed and drained.

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